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Buying Process

Conveyancing, the legal process involved in the purchase, sale, or transfer of homes, buildings and/or land from one owner to another and dealing with the financial transactions, can be a complex business, both from an administrative and legal viewpoint.

The order of events can vary slightly, but there are five main stages to most transactions. With Holbrook & Co, you can follow the progress of your transaction at every stage, via our “Track your case” facility. This can benefit not only our local clients in Warrington and Cheshire, but especially those living further afield throughout England & Wales, or even those residing abroad.

Track your case

Stage One: Instruction

Details of the transaction are received direct from the client or via a referrer (Estate Agent, Broker etc). Terms are agreed and the process commences. This includes ID verification and anti money laundering checks.

Stage Two: Pre-contract

The draft contract is received, enquiries are raised, searches are arranged, and the mortgage offer is received.

Stage Three: Exchange of Contracts

The contract is signed, a deposit may be paid, financial statements are prepared, the mortgage deed and deed of sale are signed, and final arrangements are made. Statistics show that Holbrook & Co reach this stage, on average, a week or two before clients of other firms.

Stage Four: Completion

The balance of purchase price/fees is paid by the Client, mortgage money is paid by your Lender to us, and then the purchase money is transferred to the Seller`s Conveyancer, which triggers key release – and your purchase is complete.

Stage Five: Post completion

Stamp duty is paid within the HMRC timescale to avoid penalties, and the transfer of ownership is registered at the Land Registry. Holbrook and Co have the facility to register your ownership at the HM Land Registry electronically, providing a safer and quicker solution, with the added benefit that our clients can save (in most cases) half the standard registration fee. Confirmation of successful registration will be forwarded to you with any important copy documents, which you should retain for safe keeping.


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